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Welcome to the World of W. Purple


Into Our World

W. Purple is drawn from the world of folk art, where artists draw their inspiration from their surroundings and the natural world. W. Purple's sculptural home furnishings ignite the imagination and enhance the experience of home. These livable art pieces feature W. Purple's signature multi-color glistening finish. It's meticulously applied by the artist's hand to accentuate the natural imperfections hidden deep within the grooves of the wood. Each piece is uniquely crafted to create a one-of-a-kind usable sculpture.

Meet W. Purple Creative Director,

Jolie Altman

W. Purple is the childhood nickname of contemporary artist, Jolie Altman. She has worked in multiple media for close to three decades and has received acclaim for her work in Jewelry and outsider craft design. In early 2017 she began considering larger-scale, environmental design and was inspired to draft objects and furniture that would alter one's perception of otherwise mundane spaces. Her goal is to create objects that are not only beautiful, but that are useful, in order to make the everyday experience more enjoyable. 

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