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Making Livable Art

How We Do It

Each one-of-a-kind item is handmade by artists and master craftsmen. This ensures its functional integrity and superior quality that will endure for generations. W. Purple creations are then meticulously labored over in our studio. Each of these works are unique, with idiosyncrasies of the artist’s hand. Everything produced in W. Purple’s studio walks the line between aesthetics and function, thus becoming livable art.

Jolie Carter JUNE0312.jpg

Signature Glistening Finish

Our collection's sculptural furnishings are constructed of wood and metal before they are adorned with our iconic multi-color glistening finish. By infusing the individual stems of the wood grain pattern with color, W. Purple creates a serpentine rainbow on the furniture’s surface. This imbues each livable art piece with an exquisitely unique, vibrant energy that stimulates its surroundings.

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